Action and Perseverance


Action and perseverance involves the continued effort of a goal despite the presence of challenges or discouragement.
Life should reflect who we truly are to find our fulfillment in life.
Our values are the beliefs and principles that express a person's life goals and how they interact in the world.
Their choices and priorities match their values.
Through their values they find realistic goals.
A positive attitude, thoughts and expectations help them make the right choices.
Action and perseverance honors commitments to their completion, no matter how challenging they may seem.



Action and Perseverance
Action speaks louder than words when there is a purpose - empty promises have no meaning.
A desired outcome makes a goal specific - it is realistic and relevant to your purpose and adds value to life.
Benefit of Action:
*Growth to reach potential.
*Overcome obstacles.
*Embrace challenges.
Investing in action demonstrates commitment and dedication.
It means seeing things in their true perspective.
Nobody has ever reached a goal by talking about it.
The only way a goal can become a reality is when it is backed by effort that is regular.
First Steps Toward a Goal
*The right attitude creates the will.
*Eliminate the irrelevant.
*Adapt to changing demands.
*Give the necessary time and effort.
*Regular reviewing to assess progress.
Positive Actions = Positive Outcomes



Action and Perseverance
The opposite of action is inaction and idleness - the evasive aspects of procrastination.
Lack of ambition, interest or inspiration.
No real commitment toward a goal.
Self-doubt to achieve a desired goal.
Lack of knowledge.
Giving in easily when the going gets tough.
Putting things off for the future.
Fear to begin.
Outside distractions or influences.




Action and Perseverance
A habit may be either good or bad.
The brain can't tell the difference between bad and good habits.
A habit is a behavior of acting, thinking, feeling or doing that that becomes reflexive over time without really thinking about it.
Positive babits include:
Productive Habits
One of the most important habits of productive people is goal setting.
Physical Habits
Examples include regular exercise, eating nutritious, balanced meals.
Mental Habits
Maintaining a positive outlook, spending time in nature, making time for spiritual needs



Action and Perseverance
Goals are the first step to turning dreams into reality.
Choices define consequences - they shape the quality of life.
"The right choices in life will ultimately bless you."
A vivid vision of your ideal future opens your eyes to your goals.
A vivid imagination can make them come true, regardless of where you are now.
Your imagination can create opportunities to maximize your potential.
It guides the direction and the choices you make to reach a desired goal.
You Reap What You Sow
*Think about the possibilities.
*Think about the rewards.
Persist until you succeed.
"If you can dream it, you can do it".
-Walt Disney



Action and Perseverance
Inspiration benefits our well-being.
Inner urges inspire us to reach for our goals and pursue opportunities to seek self-fulfillment in life.
The power within can transform life - its the power of a positive mindset that is focused on self-efficacy (confidence in one's own abilities).
Inner strength powers the belief and expectation to make it happen even when facing challenges and obstacles - transcending limitations transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.
Inspiration instills confidence to solve problems or create solutions through a sense of certainty and clarity.



Action and Perseverance
Passion and desire go hand in hand - it is often something you would love to do constantly.
Passion is an internal motivator that comes from within.
It inspires and fuels one's intrinsic, unique desires toward a specific desire.
People who follow their passion tend to be more resilient when encountering obstacles - it generates the enthusiasm needed to overcome the most intractable challenges.
Passion that is enduring provides the energy, commitment and the enthusiasm to pursue those things that really give meaning to life.
There are those who already know what their passion is - they just need to connect with it.



Action and Perseverance
Ambition makes many things become possible.
It is the need for achievement that drives people with a strong desire to new heights.
Ambition inspires the individual to accomplish meaningful goals.
It keeps them moving forward, even when they face challenges and setbacks.
Through dedication and perseverance, an ambitious person doesn't give up.
Their success manifests from the necessary time and effort into what they do to fulfill dreams and to climb the ladder of success.

Planned Action

Action and Perseverance
Planned action is enacted by design for the accomplishment of a goal.
Goals motivate, establish priorities and provide the energy to keep you focused on a purpose that adds value to life.
Time management is self management to achieve the greatest reward for time spent.
Unnecessary things "weigh us down" - clearing the irrelevant provides the freedom to focus!
Adapt to changing demands - adaptability opens up the mind to new ideas.
Efficient self management with a timeframe guides the day-to-day activities to accomplish a goal.
*What needs to be done.
*What resources are needed.

Inspired Action

Action and Perseverance
Inspired action means taking action through a desire that manifests from within.
Inspiration compels an individual to action because it is aligned with a passion.
A sense of fulfillment manifests when you are taking inspired action.
Inspired action feels effortless because it is done with passion.



Action and Perseverance
Initiative is the ability to initiate action.
It means taking charge to get things done.
Initiative demonstrates confidence in decision making, setting goals and completing planned tasks - you keep going when things get tough.
Initiative that is backed up with a positive attitude endures the trials and sacrifices necessary for the achievement of a goal.
Taking advantage of the present will have the greatest impact on future outcomes.

Action and Perseverance


Perseverance is continued effort to do or achieve something despite facing challenges or setbacks.
It is the difference between success and failure.
Perseverance is important because it can help an individual achieve their goals that really give meaning to life.
Perseverance develops resilience and strength as we learn from our failures and emerge stronger, mentally and emotionally!
Moreover, perseverance highlights the willpower to endure, regardless of any obstacles.
Two Principles of Perseverance
Purpose - guides the choices and decisions, influences behavior, shapes goals to create meaning in life.
Self Control - ability to manage your emotions and actions so you don't stray from the path of your goal.

Taking Action


Action and Perseverance
*Goals determine what you want.
*Plans are the blueprint.
*Action determines what you get.
Today, can be the beginning of the first day of the rest of your life.
Set goals for a future based on your dreams.
Identify the potential rewards.
What happens next and how it will manifest is about what you do today.
Your imagination can inspire you to step out of your comfort zone by taking that first step.
The next step is taking action that move you forward to the end result.
Weightlifters have a saying-"No Pain, No Gain!"
Action and Perseverance = Success

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