Home Garden

A simple home garden opens a small pathway to Gods natural world where the keen gardener enjoys working outdoors in his or her own backyard.
Simplicity is like a sanctuary for the body, the mind and the soul, providing peace of mind and a sense of wellness amongst the visual delights of their home garden
The variations in activity across the span of a day or across the seasons of the year offer many enjoyable ways to stay connected with nature where one can find peace of mind in their own backyard.
Scents fill the air, the busy bees are humming and birds happily chirp in a home garden of colorful flowers mingling with lush, bountiful fruit trees, herbal pots and vegetable patches.
One of the wonders of home-grown produce is the thrill of enjoying favorite fruit, vegetables and herbs in season and harvested at the peak of perfection just beyond the back door.
The family benefits from the best pick of an abundant crop that has extraordinary depths of flavor- unlike the supermarket kind.
These are the foods you can only find, taste and enjoy from a highly productive garden for people who love to cook.
The creative cook prepares favorite dishes with seasonal ingredients and wonderful flavors that satisfy the taste buds and the soul that is a pleasure to eat with family and friends.

Kathy's Home Garden

Old fashioned living in suburban Adelaide, South Australia
Kathy Papas, an immigrant from the small, hilltop village of Mesanagros, Rhodes Island, Greece created in her western, suburban home of Torrensville a beautiful garden landscape surrounded  with greenery, colorful flowers, fruit trees and vegetable patches.
From the first buds of spring to the colorful leaves of autumn, her home garden gave one a sense of being a part of something greater than we could ever imagine.  
Kathy and her hard working husband, Yianni turned their backyard into a small oasis that served their family each year as a source of fresh garden fare.
They  grew, nurtured and harvested favorite vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, spinach, spring onion and garlic including a glorious array of herbs like oregano, basil, sage, mint and parsley.
Kathy Papas, like all traditional women with rural backgrounds, excelled in preparing the traditional dishes of her Southern Rhodes heritage.
Just like her mother and grandmother, she prepared and cooked the wonderful village recipes she learnt as a young girl in the village of Mesanagros.
This is old-fashioned living with its rural feel in suburban Adelaide.

Nick's Favorite Pastime

A Highly Productive Garden For People Who Love to Cook in Adelaide, South Australia
Nick enjoys working outdoors and gardening is a favorite pastime.
In his neat suburban Fulham home, Nick Frossinakis an immigrant of Lahania, Rhodes Island has created a wonderful environment that is filled with warmth and beauty.
As you wander through his home garden you will see a wonderful variety of fruit trees such as peaches, fig, apple, nectarine, prickly pear, persimmon and olives which are picked for eating.
You will find flowers with their stunning display of color mingling with lush, bountiful vegetable patches where tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, okra, beans, broad beans, lettuce, onions and garlic can be freshly picked for the family dinner table that are tasty and full of aroma.
And, there is his glorious array of herbs like oregano, basil, thyme, sage, mint and parsley that are readily available for his wife, Ellie, to add that special flavor to wonderful, home-cooked meals.

Nick's tomatoes 3.1 meters and growing.

Yiannis Garden Paradise in Adelaide, South Australia

Yianni and Maria Hanialakis came from the rural background of their Cretan heritage to create a gardener's paradise in their neat, suburban home in Colonel Light Gardens.  
Out in the clean, fresh air daily, they tend to their home garden and their chickens, providing them with a satisfying and healthy respite from the routine of every day life.
As you wander through their home garden you enjoy the visual delights of fruit trees such as peaches, apricots, plums, lemons, persimmon and quince which are picked for eating, for making jam or as a Greek sweet served in heavy syrup and served together with a Greek coffee and a glass of water.
From their olive trees they make home-cured olives and olive oil.
You will find flowers with their stunning display of color and vegetable patches of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, corn, cucumber, onions and garlic can be freshly picked and cooked for the family dinner table.
Their glorious array of herbs spill out of pots like oregano, basil,thyme, sage, rosemary, mint and parsley that are readily available for Maria to add that special flavor to her cooking.
Their grape vines add color and shade to the home landscape giving them both the dark and light varieties of grapes for eating, for making as a Greek sweet in heavy syrup and for making home-made wine and vinegar.
The grape leaves are used to wrap the delicious dolmades stuffed with rice, meat and spices.
And their chickens provided them with a basket full of fresh eggs which taste and are nutritionally superior to chicken factory eggs.
Maria, the devoted wife, is not only a good housewife, she loves to cook the traditional dishes of her Cretan heritage.

Home Garden Website

A home garden website can be filled with useful information for people who love their homes and gardens.
Your home garden website can provide the inspiration that may help your visitors to transform their homes into the kind they dream about.
It can provide the handyman tips and solutions for building, renovating, decorating and landscaping projects around the house.
Keep your visitors up-to-date on the latest products and services and highlight the fun and thrill of do-it-yourself home improvement projects.
A home garden website can provide a beginner’s guide to gardening and valuable advice on how to create the perfect organic garden growing fresh, healthy produce that the whole family can enjoy.
People are always looking useful information on how to prepare the soil, what to plant and when and how to deal with pests and diseases.
Keep your visitor’s conservation conscious around their homes with valuable tips on energy and water conservation.

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Food Ideas

An information website is a great way to showcase inspiring recipes, cooking methods, and handy hints designed to make time in the kitchen easier.   
Visitors can re-discover old favorites along with fabulous new tastes.
They can get tips on how to choose the best quality produce from fresh vegetables, seafood and cheeses to creating delicious, healthy meals that are balanced and nutritious.
There are your mother and grandmother's unforgettable dishes and those you enjoy with your family on special occasions.
And, of course, there are the time-tested great dishes of your heritage.
You can earn affiliate income through your website and create your own cookbook via Kindle Direct Publishing and promote it on Amazon Books.

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