European River Cruises

European river cruises combine history, culture and landscape to offer unforgettable and life-enriching experiences via its picturesque waterways.

European River Cruises: A wonderful, tranquil way to stir your imagination along scenic rivers like the Danube, Rhine, Rhône, Seine and Moselle dotted with old-world towns, traditional villages, lush vineyards and medieval castles that will leave you with lasting memories and great photos.

Along the way, European River Cruises takes you on a diverse, culinary journey of tastes and flavors.

The Danube

The Danube was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire.

It flows southeast for 1,914 km (1,189 mi) taking you from the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania.

Passes Through Or Between Ten Nations: They include Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine on the way.

It also passes through several cities which include four national capitals, more than any other river in the world. They are:


1. Vienna, capital of Austria, is famous for its high quality of life, its cultural events, imperial sights and for the Vienna Boys' Choir, one of the best known boys' choirs in the world.

Vienna has an artistic and intellectual legacy that was shaped by famous residents like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud.

It is also famous for its Imperial palaces which include Schönbrunn and the Habsburgs’ summer residence, its Museums Quartier district and the stunning white Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School.

Queen Marie Antoinette, composer Johann Strauss, Hollywood director Otto Preminger, actress Hedy Lamarr and actor Maximilian Schell are some of its famous people who were born there.


2. Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

Influenced by people of different nations and religions such as Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians, Jews, Serbs and Slovaks.

The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary which was a part of the larger Hapsburg Monarchy territories from 1536 to 1783.


3. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, divided by a river and packed with history, culture and spas.

Actor S.Z. Sakall, director Michael Curtiz, and the two actress sisters Zsa Zsa Gabor Eva Gabor and Eva Gabor were born here.


4. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and home to Communist-era architecture and Kalemegdan Park, site of an ancient fortress held successively by the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.


Well-known wine growing area is a small town on the Danube river in Austria and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Wachau region.

In 1192, the English king, Richard the Lionheart, was held captive here in a castle by Duke Leopold V of Austria.


European River Cruises takes you through Melk, famous for its architectural variety from many centuries and for its massive baroque Benedictine Abbey which was founded in 1089 above the town overlooking the Danube river adjoining the Wachau valley.


"The castle of the fairy-tale king", built in the late 19th century for King Ludwig II on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria, Germany.

The palace was intended as a retreat and personal refuge for the reclusive king, and as a homage to Richard Wagner.

It is one of the most popular of all the palaces and castles in Europe where very year, 1.4 million people visit.

In the summer around 6,000 visitors a day stream through rooms that were intended for a single inhabitant.


Gateway to Germany’s famous Black Forest. Its most prominent landmark, the Cathedral of Saint. Stephanus towers high above the Rhine and is Visible from any part of the city.


A city 46 kilometres (29 miles) northwest of the capital Budapest on the right bank of the river Danube, which forms the border with Slovakia.

Established around 972 A.D, Esztergom was the birth and coronation place of the first Hungarian king, St. Stephen, as well as the capital of Hungary until the 13th century.

Basilica of Esztergom: Dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert is a masterpiece of Classicism is the biggest building in Hungary and the third largest church in Europe.

European River Cruises

Explore Europe’s breathtaking landscapes and Old World landmarks via its famous rivers.
Experience the beauty, the charm and romance of Europe.
Make lasting friendships with people you meet along the way.
Its a fascinating and rewarding experience providing memories that will last a lifetime.


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