The Christian Church


The Christian church is where people worship and grow in faith through the Message of the Gospel or Good News (Greek-εὐαγγέλιον).
It is about the supernatural belief of One, Powerful and Merciful God Who Created the universe and the world in which we live and, upon the Life, Miracles and Teachings of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd, Who came to lead His flock to greener pastures.
Christianity takes its name from the Greek word "Christ" (Greek-Χρήστος) meaning "Anointed One" whom John the Baptist recognized as Jesus, the Son of God.
Christianity swept through the Jewish communities in the last years of of the 1st century, BC and through the Greek-speaking cities of the Roman Empire during the first years of the 1st century AD.
The early Christian Church was established after much suffering and martyrdom because many Christians were beaten, stoned to death, thrown to the lions, tortured and crucified.
It was at Antioch that Gentiles (non-Jew) were first baptized into the Christian church and were called Christian.
Over the course of two thousand years, Jewish Prophets and Saints have helped to shape the way Christians live their faith.
Through Christian church service, feasts and rituals, the faithful relive the great events of the Gospels and of Christian history.
In this way we grow spiritually to come closer to God, our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints, Prophets and the Angels.

We Glorify God by Worship


Living Out the Vision of God
Michael Manis
Greek Orthodox Church of St George
South Brisbane
A spiritual gift (charisma in Greek) is an endowment given by God to individual Christians to fulfill the mission of the Christian Church.
As a servant of God, Michael Manis embodies the values and spirit of Christian faith through service to others.
Never is life more noble than when we do things unto God.
“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
- Matthew 18:20 | NIV

Through faith we acknowledge God's Existence and reinforce our need for Him.
Faith is blessed by God with love, humility, forgiveness, and hope.
Through love we show our unconditional trust and devotion for God.
Gratitude flows forth from the heart, mind and soul through prayer.
Through worship, we "see" God's Presence within, around and beyond.


The Christian Church


Sunday, the Seventh Day, is given to mankind by God to devote time to their spiritual needs so that we may feel more connected to God and to those around us.
Jesus Christ came to offer people salvation through repentance and forgiveness, and to be baptized as citizens of God's Kingdom.
Many a poor heart seeking spiritual guidance, go to the Christian church of their denomination to light their candle and to lift their minds and hearts through prayer to God, Jesus Christ, our Blessed Virgin Mary and to their Guardian Angel for salvation in their own words, their needs, their hopes and their dreams.

That Special Sunday


Church: Archangels Michael and Gabriel (Taxiarhis)
Mesanagros, Rhodes Island, Greece
Priest: Reverend Father, Matheos Stamatakis
Psalti: Mihalis Pizimolas
Greek Orthodox Christians go to church on Sunday mornings because Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead early on a Sunday morning.
When the church bell tolls, they go to church to hear the Voice of God through Liturgy and the Sacraments and to find Jesus the Good Shepherd, Who leads His flock to greener pastures.
This service is seen as a re-enactment of the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the means by which we achieve union with God and with each other.
The priest of Mesanagros, Papa Matheos Stamatakis stands in front of the Holy Doors of his church wearing his sacramental vestments and begins the Divine Liturgy.
His psalti (chanter) Mihalis Pizimolas assists by chanting the beautiful Byzantine hymns.
The humble congregation express their faith through their hearts by acknowledging Jesus Christ in their lives as they bow to honor and Worship Him as the King of their world.
At the end of the service, Papa Matheos gives his blessing as every member of his small congregation silently file through to kiss his hand as he distributes the antitheron bread to everybody as a sign of brotherly love.
In this little village church, God abides here and we are standing in His Presence on Holy Ground.


Festivals (Paniyiri)


Every Greek Orthodox Church is devoted to a particular Saint and that Saint's Name is celebrated with a religious service and followed by a paniyiri (festival).
These festivals are held in wonderful, outdoor surroundings where people can enjoy the festive atmosphere with family and friends with delicious, spit-roasted meats and to dance in the beautiful, breathtaking mountain scenery.
Andreas Papavasiliou
O Lyristis
People of all ages would come from miles around to hear Andrea play the beautiful music of Southern Rhodes with his small, pear-shaped, three-stringed lyra.
The charm of a blissful era - before the days of mass migration and the big tourism boom, Andreas Papavasiliou, o Lyristis, a farmer and goat herder from the small, hilltop village of Mesanagros brought gaiety and life to many a Greek Orthodox church festival.
With his small lyra held vertically and resting on his upper left thigh and traditionally accompanied by the long-necked, laouto that is strummed like a guitar, he lifted the spirits of the people and brought them up to their feet as they danced with the kefi of Greek island music.


Serving the Church


The Christian church is the House of God.
Jesus Christ is the Head of the Christian church.
When the church bell tolls, the Christian faithful go to church to hear the Voice of God through Liturgy and the Sacraments and to find Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, Who leads His flock to greener pastures.
This service is seen as a re-enactment of the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the means by which we achieve union with God and with each other.
Christian Church culture provides the magical inspiration of faith in God and Jesus Christ to enlighten the heart and heal the mind.
At church we enjoy Christian fellowship and we are spiritually enriched through an ethical foundation that benefits the family, our community, and fellow human being.
The Ministry of a priest is to serve God and to share in the Special Mission of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ to fulfill the spiritual needs that guide their congregation to the light of truth.
People who serve their church for the Glory of God embody the values and spirit of service for the good of their community.
They are humble and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ that makes them productive citizens of their community.
A Passion for Service
Kosmas and Erini Kakou
Monastery Skiathi
Rhodes Island
It was in the beautiful and tranquil little monastery of Skiathi, that Kosmas and Erini Kakou from the little hilltop village of Mesanagros in Rhodes Island, Greece, lived a way of life that was spiritually enriched through good works and good deeds for the Glory of God.
The historic little Monastery Skiathi, located about six kilometres from Mesanagros, was for eight years, the humble home for Kosmas and Erini Kakou.
Their lives were guided by the principles of simplicity, self-sufficiency and Worship for God, for our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, our Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. They worked its fields and gardens, provided food, drink and accommodation for guests and weary travelers and shared with them the abundant love of God.


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