Power of the Possible


The power of the possible happens when a life is aligned with its values.
The power of the possible begins with ambitious, goal-focused, self-disciplined individuals who have a strong sense of purpose, commitment and persistence to achieve.
"To thine own self be true" is reflected in:
*What we are
*What we feel
*What we think
*Doing the things we most want to do
Values identify:
*Who you are.
*What is important to you.
They establish the guidelines to thinking and behavior.
Hopes and dreams reflect desires we seek to achieve.
Hope creates the endurance to persevere, despite the obstacles and difficulties.
Dreams come to life when they are based on reality and action.
"The starting point of all achievement is desire".
-Napoleon Hill

Power of the Mind


"We Become What We Think"
Drifters plod the path to nowhere in particular.
Because they lack the driving force of a positive mindset, they become puppets of fate and wishful thinking.
Mentally strong people transcends limitations through resolute principles and beliefs that inspire growth, learning, and achievement.
Imagination creates the possibilities and opportunities through goals and their end result - regardless of where you are now.
It motivates and guides the attitudes and choices to makes many things become possible.
Positive expectations carry an individual through all kinds of setbacks.
A positive mindset radiates a positive outlook that can transform life.
*Think about the possibilities.
*Think about the rewards.
Follow your dreams and the rest will fall into place!
"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."
– Henry Ford



Power of the Possible
Passion sets the path to lasting success.
The theme of passion is "love."
When a person is doing something they love, they are more resilient.
The inner urges of the heart, mind and soul creates the inspiration to reach new heights on the ladder of success.
Inspiration provides the enduring energy, commitment and the enthusiasm that give meaning.
And, it provides the reason to learn or master skills that are relevant for reaching a goal that ultimately, opens new doors.
"Pursuing your passion is fulfilling and leads to financial freedom."
- Robert G. Allen

Power of the Possible


Initiative is all about taking charge to get things done.
It strengthens your personal brand of self-management.
A go-getter has initiative through:
*Innovative thinking
Optimism is positive thinking focused on positive expectations.
The optimist visualizes the end result of a goal.
Pessimism is focused on fate, luck and wishful thinking.
Without genuine self-sacrifice the driving force of initiative is lacking.
Everything starts by:
1: Deciding
2: Taking Action
These two steps set you on the path to achieving your goals in life.
Self-discipline means self-control.
It provides the power to persevere, despite obstacles.
It is the difference between success and failure
*Remove temptations
*Get out of your comfort zone
*Focus on what you have to do daily
*Don't rely on others
Every small step gained brings you closer to the ultimate goal.
"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."
-Michael John Bobak

Goal Setting


Power of the Possible
Goals add purpose to life.
They are the first step to turning dreams into reality.
Desire to achieve generates the power of action.
It keeps you focused through targeted steps toward a desired goal.
Goals that seem complicated should be broken down into smaller, step-by-step sub-goals.
They build confidence with each sub-goal achieved.
Imagine the Possibilities
Believe you can and expect it to happen.
"If you can dream it, you can do it".
- Walt Disney
Plans provide the resources needed to reach a goal within a certain period of time.
It starts with:
*Gathering relevant information.
*Identifying problems.
*Examining alternative courses of action.
*Identifying targets.
*Scheduling activities.
"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."
-Chris Grosser




Power of the Possible
*Wrong goals or lack of specific goals.
*Insufficient knowledge.
*Low expectations or lack of confidence.
*Inadequate self-image.
*Lack of ambition or motivation.
*Unwillingness to try new ways.
*Giving in easily when the going gets tough.
"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."
-Nikos Kazantzakis

Think Success


Power of the Possible
Take that first step toward a desired goal.
The right attitude creates the will to achieve.
A vivid vision opens your eyes to your goals and their end result.
A vivid imagination of what's possible can transform life, regardless of where you are now.
Positive Thinking
Positive expectations bring positive results.
Making sacrifices and giving the necessary time and effort.
Self Management
An awareness of the value of time eliminates the irrelevant to maintain a healthy balance in all areas of life.
Self-confidence starts with a healthy mind.
It is positive thinking associated with optimism, hope, and positive expectations.
Ignorance restricts the the mind and creates boundaries.
Knowledge maximizes your potential.
Goals determine what knowledge you need.
Persistence is the difference between success and failure.
It provides the continued effort despite setbacks.
Mission Statement
A mission statement guides daily, weekly and monthly activities toward a desired goal.
It provides the driving force to:
*Reach a goal
*Measure every activity against it
*Focus on targets within a specific time-frame
Health and Vitality
You add value to life through healthy living.
Healthy living increases that inner feeling of confidence and vitality - a sign of robust, healthy living.
A nutritionally rich diet, exercise, a positive attitude and spiritual fulfillment are the foundations of that good-to-be alive feeling.
You Can Dream, but nothing happens without Action!
Present Actions Determine Future Results
Effort and Perseverance = Success
Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
-Theodore Roosevelt


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