Christian Success Principles

Path to Self-Fulfillment
Classic author, James Addison wrote, "there are three grand essentials to happiness in this life."
They are "something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
To live a good life is to be satisfied with who you are, with what you've done and with what you hope to do in the future.

"To Thine Own Self be True"

Life should reflect who we truly are to find our fulfillment in life.
Our values are the foundation of our true selves.
The future is in your imagination!
Doing what you love makes you more dedicated, more productive and enthusiastic.
Where do you see yourself one year from now?
Where do you want to be in life in the next 5, 10 or 15 years?
*Visualize your ideal self.
*Visualize your ideal lifestyle.
Goals set the direction and open the door to infinite opportunities.
Success is governed by definite laws.  
Desire is the generating power providing the resourcefulness to approach a problem or a goal with a positive mindset.
"The quality of life is determined by its activities."
-Aristotle (Ancient Greek Philosopher, Scientist and Physician)

Ask, Seek and Knock

Something to Do!
A vivid vision of your ideal future opens your eyes to your goals and their end result.
We naturally do best in the things in which we are interested and have natural abilities.
"Ask and it Will be Given You"
For everyone who asks, receives!
Knowledge is power because it maximizes your potential.
The right knowledge, gives you the confidence to make decisions based on what is right for you, help you to avoid mistakes and gain new ideas.
Goals determine what knowledge you need.
"Seek and You Will Find"
Those who seek, find!
A rich farmer in ancient Greece who was dying, said to his sons, "My treasure is buried in the fields. If you would be rich, dig for it."
After the old man's death, the two sons, dug and toiled, carefully, turning up the soil in every field but did not find any buried treasure.
When spring came and there was no sign of a treasure chest, they abandoned their search so the fields can be sown with corn.
Then came summer and harvesting.
And, what a bountiful harvest they enjoyed!
In digging the land, the boys had found the riches they were  seeking.
Their wise old father's plan had succeeded!
"Knock and the Door Will be Opened to You"
To those who knock, the door will be opened!
*to learn and improve
*to achieve their dreams
Physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and spiritually, life can be improved provided one takes advantage of their opportunities.
Something to Love!
Love offers security and stability with someone you can trust and are comfortable.
This kind of love is unconditional and Divinely intended to unite two people.
In the spiritual sense, love is motivated by a strong desire to serve our fellow human being without expecting anything in return.
Jesus Christ says, "This is the way to a meaningful, just and wholesome existence."
The wonderful attributes of compassion are selflessness, goodness and empathy.
Something to Hope For!
Hope gives light in the midst of darkness.
Jesus said to him, "'If you can, all things are possible for one who believes."
Making time to "stop and smell the roses" always brings "sunshine."
A clear conscience is essential for peace of mind
Peace of mind that transcends all limitations, can only come from God and our dear Lord, Jesus Christ.
"Light tomorrow with today!"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Ladder of Success

A ladder has rungs that allow people to climb to high places.
The rungs represent a series of steps.
Each rung that is climbed becomes a milestone.
Pursuing a goal sets you on the first rung on the ladder of success.
Each step up, you become more confident to reach your ultimate goal.
*Think about the possibilities.
*Think about the rewards
Reality is based on true facts for an outcome to be possible.
Realistic goals become a reality when it is backed up by effort.
Step-by-step, each sub-goal achieved makes you more confident to reach your ultimate goal.  
Truth is the foundation for trust.
It represents fact and reality.
Truth matters, both for the individual and for society as a whole.
For the individual, truth tells others that they can trust you and the things you say.
For a society, truth is necessary for it to function and thrive.
The loss of wholesome principles lead to a dysfunctional society and people becoming puppets to propaganda and false promises.
Goal Setting
The more you seek to fulfill your goals in life, "luck" appears in the form of opportunities.
Pursuing a goal sets the direction.
Plans provide an idea of the resources needed to concentrate your efforts on how to get there within a certain period of time.
Personal goals are generally connected with health, relationships and happiness.
Think about your lifestyle goals!
Professional goals are related to what you want to accomplish with your education and your career.
Think about your financial goals!
Life goals are the things you want to accomplish long-term, such as getting married, having a family, close-knit friendships and serving others.
Think about your values!
Identifying Goals
*identify your goals
*goals must be realistic
*they must be classified into priority levels
*identify problems
*set a time frame
*belief in your goals establishes the will to achieve
*commitment makes the sacrifice, time and effort
*self-management helps to get things done
*motivation to achieve moves you to action  
*perseverance provides the will to endure
*regular reviewing lets you know how well you are going and identifies problems
*always stick to deadlines
*record your daily activities to ensure you accomplish priority tasks and to check your progress.

Christian Life

Christian life enriches one spiritually through faith in God and Jesus Christ.
It is lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ, Christian fellowship in the church and through serving our fellow human being.
Christian life provides a spiritual language and ethical culture to follow a balanced, wholesome life that sets the moral and social foundation throughout life.
Christian values shape character and lifestyle that benefit our family, our community and our fellow human being.
And, it gives enlightenment to lives that may seem otherwise, negative or hopeless.
Christian life is blessed by God with love, humility, forgiveness, and compassion.
When we reach out to those in need, hold the hand of those in sorrow or, we give a helping hand, we are living out the Vision of God.
Negative Emotions
Negative emotions create puppets of fate and wishful thinking.
Wrong values or no high ideals lead to nowhere.
A fixed mindset achieves fewer goals and fewer rewards.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".
-Eleanor Roosevelt
You Reap What You Sow
Positive thoughts visualize the end result.   
Choices define the consequences.
Action determines whether you will succeed or fail.
"The right choices in life will ultimately bless you".
A Sense of Inner Peace
We need peace of mind to ease our conscience!
We need a sense of hope in the midst of losses, tragedies, and failures.
Concerns about family, money, work or the economy can cause or exacerbate many serious health issues.
Assets of the mind:
*A positive attitude
*A clear conscience
*Self respect
*Peace of mind
Virtues of Simplicity
Simplicity is like a sanctuary for the body, the mind and the soul.
It provides the intangible resources of "time," "peace of mind," and "contentment."
Eliminating the irrelevant allows us to reflect and ask what truly matters in life.
There are moments when the mind is absorbed by beauty and inner contentment.
A tranquil mind gives a sense of something greater than you could ever imagine.
It offers spiritual renewal and inspiration through the visual sense of God's wonderful Creations.
The visual delights of a sunrise or sunset reminds us of our spiritual side.
The scents, sounds and sunshine of nature provides mental health benefits.
Whether you spend time in your backyard, a neighborhood park, a beach or the tranquil settings of the countryside, nature can have a profound impact that makes you feel better emotionally and contributes to your physical well-being.
Our attention capacity is increased and our creativity finds inspiration through peace of mind.

Lifelong Learning

Ignorance effects include incorrect decisions or manipulation by false information.
Knowledge is power because it broaden horizons, maximizes your potential and encourages self-development.
Time, money and effort spent on knowledge is an investment you make on yourself and your future.
Lifelong learning enhances personal growth and to identify new opportunities more easily.
It is also one of the most effective ways to deal with change in our personal lives, our work lives and in our local communities.
When we eat healthy foods, we experience positive results to our health and well-being.
When we start exercising, we feel a new vitality and a new level of self-confidence.
Further education can help you get a new job or career or to advance in the one you have.
All these help the individual to progress mentally, physically and spiritually.

Health and Well-being

Good health and well-being is one of the most valuable assets to pursue through every stage of life because it determines the quality of life.
Balance is needed to have a healthy body and a sound mind that functions in complete harmony at every age of life.
A balanced, healthy diet, exercise-program and the right attitude strengthens the immune system and reduces health risk factors.
Health Goals
Imagine having a well-toned body that radiates strength and vitality.
Imagine a waistline in proportion to your body shape that oozes vibrant inner health.
What you eat, how you think and what you do determine your quality of life.
Unhealthy habits eventually have consequences that undermine the quality of life.
"Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom."
Jack LaLanne (American Fitness And Nutrition Expert)
People with vitality are innovators.
They have the enthusiasm to achieve their goals in life.
And, they create ideas and opportunities for their future.
Principles of Good Health
A strong immune system defends the body against viruses, bacteria and infections which can cause inflammation and illness.
Healthy lifestyle choices that strengthen the immune system include:
*eating a varied diet with moderate portions that nourish the body.
*maintaining the recommended body weight
*exercising to improve circulation, respiration and strengthening the muscles and organs
*the right amount of sleep and relaxation
*daily habits of personal cleanliness
*fresh air and sunshine
*no smoking or use of drugs
*alcohol in moderation
*avoiding junk food
*drinking pure water
*controlling stress
*positive thinking
*having regular health examinations
"All Disease Begins in the Gut"
Hippocrates-Father of Medicine who Lived During the Greek Classical Period
The waistline reflects the body's general health.
An unhealthy waistline is caused by poor lifestyle habits such as over-eating, no exercise, excessive sitting and stress.
Excessive body fat puts extra strain on the heart, kidneys, bones and joints.
Fat around the waistline increases the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
The old adage, "the smaller your waistline, the longer your lifeline" has real meaning.
The ideal body-weight, proportional to ones gender, age and height enhances the overall appearance of the individual and lessens health risk factors.
Prevention - Better Than the Cure
It's easier to stop something happening than to repair the damage after it has happened.
Poor food choices, lack of physical exercise as well as other negative lifestyle choices put your health at risk.
Its all about:
*carrying a light load without excess baggage
*avoiding the extreme, the unnecessary and harmful
Walk Your Way to Good Health
"Walking is man's best medicine"
For most people, the best exercise is walking for weight control and increased cardiovascular fitness.
A walking program strengthens your heart and lungs, lowers blood pressure, boosts your energy and invigorates your immune function.
Combined with a muscle toning program, it will help firm the muscles and make you look and feel good.
Other activities like jogging, cycling, swimming or aerobics also burn calories and keep you healthy.
Regular exercise supports physical and mental well-being, staying youthful and having more energy.
It builds muscle and is a good way of spending leisure time.
It helps control weight, strengthens the bones and immune system, aids in detoxification, accelerates heart and lung action thereby increasing blood circulation that stimulate all the glands, organs and cells of the body.
It also improves your confidence and self esteem.
Just remember to warm up by doing some stretching exercises before you begin.
Any kind of physical activity that stimulates better circulation and deeper breathing is good for your overall health.
It may include walking, skipping, jogging, running, cycling, swimming and aerobics to weightlifting, yoga, team sport and any other forms of enriching practices that an individual may wish to participate.
Before undertaking any program of exercise or change in diet consult your doctor.
You are What you Eat and Drink
Food should nourish the body by getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients daily in order to provide the material out of which the bones, muscles, nerves, skin and all the internal organs are formed and the energy we need to get things done.
In addition, nutrient-rich food help to regulate the activities of every organ in the body and provide for its growth and repair.
Think of your diet in terms of variety, freshness and rich in the essential immune-boosting nutrients that are as close to their natural state to sustain your body's well-being and provide energy.

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