Our Environment

Suburban and Rural Lifestyle
Each of us exists within a human and physical environment that surround us.
The human environment includes family, relatives, friends, neighbors, work-mates, acquaintances and the people you see daily.
Each of us relates and behaves on the basis of his or her perception of their surroundings.  
City life is fast-paced, has more employment opportunities and provides the convenience of living near work, shops, public transport and other amenities.
Country life with its panoramic views offers tranquility, clean air and natural surroundings, that calm the senses and can boost one's physical and mental health.

City Environment

Jobs, education and lifestyle are important reasons why people live in or near a city environment.
Lifestyle choices in a city include cultural and recreational activities such as art galleries, museums, concerts, public libraries, theaters, festivals, opera houses, movie theaters, department stores, supermarkets, parks, sporting events, restaurants, coffee houses and so on.
The major educational institutions such as colleges and universities are also located there.
City people have more job opportunities, higher salaries and higher education levels.
Negative aspects of city life are long commuting to work, high population density, anonymous suburbs, high-rise apartments and houses that are built close together.
People have to cope with traffic jams, high noise levels, pollution, immorality, crime, drugs, gambling, juvenile delinquency, suicides and mental breakdowns.
Health risks include overcrowding and poor air quality that make people more prone to contracting viruses, suburbs may not have tight-knit communities and fewer spaces to enjoy the beauties of nature.
City people also tend to eat more processed and fast food which are grown using pesticides then refined to the extent that most of their nutrients have been removed which puts them at greater risk for weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

Rural Environment

There are people who long for the wonders of a rural lifestyle, even if it means sacrificing the advantages of living in a city or large town.
Rural life is the epitome of traditional values and the self-sufficient way of life, away from the neon lights and traffic jams.
The uncrowded rural environment opens a pathway to God's natural world in all its variety and vitality.
The panoramic landscape of flowing streams, hills and valleys and the wonderful rising and setting of the sun are breathtaking in a rural environment.
There are the beauties of chirping birds, the murmur of insects, humming bees and the sweet smell of wildflowers in natural, unspoiled surroundings.
Collecting fresh eggs from the chicken coop every morning, honey direct from the beehive and the comforting aroma of freshly baked country bread is a way of life of how it was in the past.
Out in the clean, fresh air, the rural farmer produces bountiful fruit, vegetables and herbs in season as an all year-round source of healthy food that is nutritionally superior and have extraordinary depths of flavor.
Farmers paths lead to various fields of grain crops, vineyards and orchards.
Shepherds paths lead to grazing livestock in winter and summer pastures.
Rural values create a sense of community spirit and belonging which provides a more healthier and relaxed lifestyle.

Seasonal Environment

Rural life is tied to the changing wonders of every season.
Springtime is the season of flowers, of birth and the return of migrating birds happily chirping as they build their nests.
Summer turns fields into gold and fruit offers seasonal taste delights.
The autumn landscape changes the leaves of trees from green to red, orange, yellow or brown before falling and birds begin to migrate to warmer regions.
And, winter provides the ideal time to huddle around the fireplace with a hot bowl of country-style soup.

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